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Organising Your Wedding In Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a romantic city. The “Athens of The North”, and has long been used as a wedding location. With numerous hotels across a wide variety of price points, good transport links, and the unique magic ingredient that Scotland’s capital has, it’s future as a wedding destination is continued.

So, assuming that you you are not already living in Edinburgh, this short article will give you some pointers as to local resources that can help you.

If you are not having a church wedding then the Edinburgh Registrar is the likely best place to begin your quest for a wedding venue. They have a list of approved venues in the city, and the Lothian Chambers on the Royal Mile is often a popular choice. Time your wedding at the right moment and you may be saying “I do” to the soundtrack of a marching pipe band, or the gaggle of Edinburgh Festival street performers.

Kilt hire is an option taken by many men visiting Edinburgh, groom and guests. there are a variety of kilt kire shops, including The Kilt Store which is close to Haymarket train station.

The bride will likely have already picked her dress and had fittings, but one thing that can only be done on the big day itself is the all-important hair. Not all hairdressers have the capacity, or the experience to take care of the bride, family and bridesmaids, so it is a very important choice to make.

MacGregor Hairdressing in Morningside have a reputation as specialists in wedding hair, and the salon owner, Janet Nicol, has won numerous awards. All staff are L’Oreal trained. They also do beauty treatments.

If you are a wedding guest and don’t want to transport your gifts with you, then Edinburgh has a huge amount of shops. Rose Street, tucked in behind Princes Street, has a large selection of unique, non-chain, shops where you can browse and find the perfect wedding present. One street along, George Street is a good shopping street.

Ocean Terminal in Leith has a good selection of stores, and you can visit the Royal Yach Britannia which is permanantly moored alongside.

Wherever you shop in Edinburgh, you will find a large variety of coffee shops and restaurants to sustain you.

Being such a popular tourist resort, Edinburgh has the necessary infrastructure to support large numbers of visitors. From hostels to 5 star establishments, from family run bed and breakfasts to luxury chain hotels, there is something for taste and every pocket. A good starting point is the Good Hotel Guide which offers independent reviews.




Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and has one of the highest populations in the United Kingdom. It is a city with a well kept culture and a unique architectural arrangement. The city recognized as the capital since the fifteenth century is home to the Scottish monarch and the parliament. Edinburgh also hosts an array of important meetings and festivities annually.

Some of the festivals include the Edinburgh International festival and The Fringe. The Fringe is a major Art festival attended by people from all walks of life. The festivities, cultural significance and the sceneries make it the second best tourist destination in the United Kingdom after London. So what makes Edinburgh such a popular city? There are numerous places to see and activities to do for maximum enjoyment.

Take a tour

Edinburgh is a gorgeous city and luckily it is well organized for you to make a tour on foot. This service is offered at affordable rates and you can get to learn a lot from the experienced guides. If walking is not for you, there are open top tour buses that take you to the popular spots in the city. There are different routes to choose from.

The Edinburgh castle

The castle was listed as one of UK’s heritage sites and has ancient architectural designs. The castle houses Scotland’s crown jewels, The Stone of Destiny and other important artifacts. There is a tour guide to elaborate all details pertaining to the castle and there is an audio book available in eight languages for you to take home with you.

St. Giles’ Cathedral

This glorious cathedral is characterized by its spire-crown and stained glass windows. It is also home to centuries of memories and the Chapel of The Order of Thistle. The cathedral offers free entry for all and a relaxing cafe to enjoy your meals as you take the tour.

Royal Botanic Garden

If you are looking to stretch your legs or simply enjoy a relaxing and scenic view, then this is the place to visit in Edinburgh. The garden is a masterpiece having one of the largest collections of plants and flowers in the world. There are glass houses to visit and plenty to learn about plants. No visit is ever the same as the plans change through different seasons.

Food and Entertainment

Edinburgh has an active night life with numerous pubs and clubs to enjoy your cocktails. There are trendy places like G&V bar and North Bridge. There is a farmers market where you can enjoy fresh local produce. From pastries, exotic meals and simple treats you can be sure to find them in the city of Edinburgh.

Bottom line, Edinburgh is a place you will enjoy.




Edinburgh is a city steeped in history and natural beauty and is home to one of the worlds most stunning pieces of medieval architecture on the planet. With that said, there may be the odd individual who visits the city without much of a clue on what to do in Edinburgh and where to go, this mini-guide should help. Let’s say you have just arrived for a nice weekend in the capital of Scotland and you want to get a taste of what the city has to offer, where do you start? Well for many, the main attraction of Edinburgh is to learn more about its history and where better to begin than the Edinburgh Castle.

The Edinburgh Castle

There is no need to ask for directions to the castle as it sits atop a rather large mountain overlooking the busiest street in Edinburgh (Princes Street). The castle is quite a prominent figure over the Edinburgh skyline and has many visitor tours running each day that will enlighten even the most ardent history buff. These tours are not cheap mind you, if you do intend to go on one make sure you have some money saved up! Once you have tasted a slice of Scottish history, it may be time for something a little bit lighter.

The Edinburgh Zoo

The Zoo that resides in Edinburgh is probably one of the finest anywhere in Europe. It has a huge amount of different animals on show all waiting for you to come and visit them. Famed mostly for the penguin walks, be sure to catch these each day around lunchtime as it is when the Zoo workers take out a small army of penguins for a walk around the area, quite a sight as you can imagine. After your trek around the city Zoo, you will no doubt be in need of some rest and relaxation, but no! This is Edinburgh, you need to keep going if you are to see the best of the city. But where can you go to get a good view of things?

Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s Seat is a hill that looks over the city and, if you are brave enough, you can walk all the way to the top and take a look down over the sprawling architecture. If you do decide to take a walk up this hill, be sure to wrap up nice and warm as it can get very windy at the summit and especially so in the winter months!.So there you have it, if you are ever in Scotland’s capital and you fancy getting out and about to see what’s on offer check out the locations above, you will be sure to have a day to remember!